Season Ticket Holder Reboot

As the NAHL season has been turned upside down with postponements, reschedules, and cancelations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Austin Bruins have recently released their new home schedule for the 2021 calendar year.

First of all, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, not only for the support this year while things have gone topsy-turvy, but for the 11 years, you’ve stood behind us and weathered the various storms standing by our side.

To make things easy, we have compiled a list of the NEW home games and what OLD ticket in your books will be used at the door that night. Some of the tickets will be used on the same date against the same opponent, some of your tickets will be used on the same date against a different opponent, and some will be on an entirely different date entirely.  For example, our first home game of this rebooted season is on January 22nd against the Chippewa Steel. You’ll notice in your ticket books, you already have a ticket for January 22nd as we were originally scheduled to play the Minnesota Wilderness. So we will still use the 1/22/2021 ticket you already have despite it being a different date. We will have signs posted at Riverside Arena every night letting you know which ticket to use for what night just as a reminder. For the official list, see the chart below:

As noted in the text above, there is one game for which you have a ticket in your book which will not be used: April 7th. That is due to the Bruins losing a home game based on how the schedule played out with our opponents. In the future, we will announce how you can use that ticket – if restrictions loosen and we don’t have a cap on attendance we will allow it to be used for any game you choose. If we have to play the entire season under a restriction, we will likely offer a refund on the ticket, credit toward your season ticket purchase next season, or use it as FREE admission to a playoff game if the Bruins make the playoffs.

If you have any questions, contact TJ in the front office by calling 507-434-4978 or emailing; he is happy to assist you. 

Thank you for being the best fans in the NAHL.