Pre-Draft Showcases

Bruins 2023 Pre-Draft Showcases

What is a Pre-draft Showcase? 
Pre-draft Showcases are designed for players interested in being drafted into the NAHL. Pre-draft camps are the best way to get in front of multiple NAHL teams and maximize ice time and exposure.

Who is eligible for a Pre-draft Showcase? 
Players aged 16 to 20 years of age are encouraged to attend a Pre-draft Showcase.

How do I register for a Pre-draft Showcase?
Click the banner below for the city/dates that work best for you and you’ll be taken to the registration site.

What is the cost of a Pre-draft Showcase?
Each Pre-draft Showcase is $500 and includes four games guaranteed in front of multiple teams.

Who else will be attending Pre-Draft Showcases?
In addition to the Austin Bruins, the following teams will be in attendance and scouting players at the individual camps:

  • Detroit: Fairbanks Ice Dogs, Johnstown Tomahawks, St. Cloud Norsemen, Chippewa Steel
  • Minneapolis: Amarillo Wranglers, Chippewa Steel, Johnstown Tomahawks, St. Cloud Norsemen
  • Las Vegas:  Amarillo Wranglers, Chippewa Steel