Futures Camps

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Futures Camp
’06 & ’07 Birth Year

When: July 30- Aug 1, 2021
Where: Riverside Arena | 501 2nd Ave NE, Austin, MN 55912


Goalie Camp
’06, ’07 & ’08 Birth Year 

When: August 1-3, 2021
Where: Riverside Arena | 501 2nd Ave NE, Austin, MN 55912


Checking Camp
’07 & ’08 Birth Year 

When: August 6-8, 2021
Where: Riverside Arena | 501 2nd Ave NE, Austin, MN 55912

ANSWERS TO FUTURES CAMP FAQS (Not applicable to goalie camp)

  • Camp will feature five total mini-games (full ice games with two 23 minute halves).
  • All players will receive one game as our featured home team with announcements over the PA to start the game and come out to our “Austin Bruins Intro” (same intro we do for our Bruins Players on every home game).  It is complete with light show, fog lamps, and spotlight.
  • All players will receive a tour of our facilities (locker room, video room, and arena)
  • Camp will include a seminar on Junior Hockey, the History of Austin Bruins Hockey, the City of Austin, and what we look for in a player.  We will also have a Q and A during the seminar for families to ask questions.
  • Every player will receive a verbal evaluation from their coaches immediately following the camp.
  • Each team will be coached by either a Junior Coach, Head Scout, or former Bruins player now playing college hockey.  Each team will have an assistant coach that will be a current player on the Bruins.
  • Staff and all coaches helping with the event will be evaluating and taking notes when they are not coaching the game.  All coaches are to take notes on all the players to keep on file for future reference and to help each player’s coach give a detailed evaluation at the end of the camp.


I just wanted to let you and your coaching staff know how much we enjoyed the camp.  It was good for my son to be exposed to the next level of hockey and play with boys from all parts of the country.  I also wanted to commend you and your staff on a very informative discussion you conducted with parents and players.  As a school superintendent, we have those conversations all the time with families and it often falls on deaf ears.  It was very evident that you and your staff had the immediate attention of both parents and players.  Most importantly, it was also refreshing to hear adults reinforce the importance of responsibility and hard work to young people.  Too often parents want their children to take the easy way out.  Your entire staff also served as exemplary role models on what hard work, responsibility, and commitment can do.  There is a payoff in the end. The only regret I have is that I can’t have your entire staff give the same presentation to our high school.  I believe every child could benefit from it.  If I am ever in Austin again I most certainly will make every effort to attend a Bruins game.  Please rest assured I will follow the success of the Bruins this year. Thank You Again
-Rolf S.

Thank you for hosting such a great camp. My son Matt enjoyed the exceptional competition over the last three days as well as learning more about the Austin Bruins organization. Thank you for inviting him to be part of this first one there with you as head coach.  We hope the Bruins have a successful season as well.

Best regards,
-Amy Y.

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for an awesome Futures Camp. Michael really enjoyed the camp and having you as his Coach on the Black Team. It was a very positive experience for him and he loved every aspect of the camp. I also enjoyed your seminar. It was very professional, informative, and a great break-down of Tier 1-3 hockey. Thank you.
-Patti and Bob M.

“Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to be part of things. I have been telling everyone what a class group you have in Austin. I tell them about what Coach Howard said about not wasting your money. Too many of these things are about the money and it is hard to sort out as a parent. It is nice to feel that you got good value for the money. The drills were good and well run, and the coaches coached throughout. I hope that everyone follows your lead.”
– Jeff W.

I wanted to say “Thank You” for this kind note and to say that our son Ronald really enjoyed the camp.  This was his first one and we really didn’t know what to expect but found it met our expectations and more.  Please pass a “Thank You” along to all of your staff from us.  He is already trying to figure out how to work on the feedback received from Keenan during his evaluation. Ronald is already talking about coming back next year for the Futures Camp.  If you know the date or approximate time frame could you let me know so that we can get it on our calendar?

Thanks again,
-Bob W.

Thanks for having my son Izaak down there. He said he had lots of fun. I wasn’t able to make the trip but my dad said too that Izaak had a good time. Izaak said that his interview went very well. Hopefully, he uses this as motivation to keep improving. I sent him down there to get him out of his comfort zone. Up here he knows everyone. It’s more of a social event at every camp or tourney he skates in. So thanks again for having him.
-Chance K.