Coaches Showcases

Bruins 2023 Coaches Showcases

What is a Coaches Showcase? 
Coaches Showcases are designed for players interested in being drafted into the NAHL. Coaches Showcases are the best way to get in front of multiple NAHL teams and maximize ice time and exposure.

Who is eligible for a Coaches Showcase? 
Players aged 16 to 20 years of age are encouraged to attend a Coaches Showcase.

How do I register for a Coaches Showcase?
Click the banner below for the city/dates that work best for you and you’ll be taken to the registration site.

What is the cost of a Coaches Showcase?
Each Coaches Showcase is $500 and includes four games guaranteed in front of multiple teams.

Who else will be attending Coaches Showcases?
In addition to the Austin Bruins, the following teams will be in attendance and scouting players at the individual camps:

  • Detroit: Chippewa Steel, Fairbanks Ice Dogs, Johnstown Tomahawks, St. Cloud Norsemen
  • Minneapolis: Amarillo Wranglers, Chippewa Steel, Johnstown Tomahawks, St. Cloud Norsemen
  • Las Vegas:  Amarillo Wranglers, Chippewa Steel, Minnesota Wilderness