Bruins Get Bested

The Bruins are still on the road as they traveled to Buffalo Minnesota to make up a game that was originally scheduled for January 1st in Alexandria. Last night the Bruins failed to get any pucks past the Dartmouth recruit Ryan Faragher, as he stopped 42 pucks in the Bobcats victory. The Bruins have had success in the season series against the Alexandria Blizzard with an overall record of 3-3-1. The opening period from Western Minnesota was not the best for the Bruins. The Blizzard scored three goals in the opening period. The second period the Bruins scored on the power play as Sam Olson beat Jake Williams; assists went to Cody Hotchkin and Connor Quinn. The Blizzard added three more goals in the third period. At the end of two periods of play the Bruins were trailing 6-1. In the final frame Jordan Greenberg found the back of the net on the power play, the goal was unassisted. The Blizzard added one more tally in the final period from Mike Krieg on the power play. The Bruins finished the third period hard but could not overcome the Blizzard. The Bruins lose with a final score of 7-2. The Bruins will be in Bismarck on Monday making up the game that was scheduled for March 11th. It will be the final meeting between the two teams on the season. Log onto fast for live play by play, Paul Teeple will have the call.