A note from Craig Patrick, Owner of the Austin Bruins

Feb 24, 2013

Hi Everyone, this is Craig Patrick, owner of the Bruins.  I believe we have the best fans in the NAHL, you are passionate, caring, and support our players both on and off the ice.  You are truly appreciated by our players, coaches, staff, me and my family.

We are an organization that prides itself on playing hard but fair. What does that mean?  It means we want our guys to put in the best effort on the ice every night, being tough but not cheap, and even fighting as natural conflicts occur during the course of the game.

We have had a couple of incidents this season that have really bothered me.  Both times an opposing player was lying injured on the ice and both times we had a few fans berating the injured player, cursing them etc…   This is wrong, the injured player is a young man working very hard to achieve his hockey dreams, just like our Bruins players.  I know that passions run high during games, that's part of what makes our sport so great, but we have to remember to keep those passions in check at times, especially when there is a injured player.

Going forward, if there is an obviously injured player being tended to on the ice and you are observed hurling obscenities at them, you will be asked to leave.  Thanks for your help on this, and GO!! BRUINS!!!!!